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MailEclipse is a mailable editor package for your Laravel applications to create and manage mailables using a web UI. You can use this package to develop mailables without using the command line, and edit templates associated with mailables using a WYSIWYG editor, among other features.

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Simple UI

Beautiful and very simple user interface inspired from laravel telescope, see for yourself.

Manage Mailables

Create, edit and remove your application mailables without using command line.

Email Templates

Maileclipse provides you with more than 100+ responsive email templates, just edit and send!

Template Editor

Edit your mailables templates using the most advanced WYSIWYG HTML/Markdown Editor.

Template View Data

For more control, All your mailable view data will be available in the template editor.

MIT license

Package is available under MIT license, you can help us to always kept it that way by donating today.

Ready To Use Email Templates

You don't need to create email templates from scratch, maileclipse gives you more than 40+ built-in responsive templates to get you started quickly

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